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Our service in the collection does not require registration, is free and allows you to share your note with the whole world. It is also a simple one with text field only for adding the note content with no additional features. The website gives you a unique URL for sharing it with others. You can […]

How To Use Notepad As Calculator

When you first open that setting, you’ll likely be editing the default tab settings. Scroll down that list and choose yaml and then you can check “Replace by space” and set “Tab size” to 2. I use it to view and edit .NET app configs and settings files. Open Notepad and the application/document containing the […]

How do I get back the codes on Notepad?

Text files are MIME types that are not formatted at all and come in a variety of plain and text sizes. Windows OS text files can be embedded in ANSI, OEM, NCL, or UTF-8 encodings. ASCII is a standard character set used by the majority of text files to create and display their contents. You […]

Convert PDF to TXT file using Python

I started Rogtechs as a Tech guide site in 2018 to share my experience and knowledge to help people. With the all-new Notepad introduced in Windows 11 insider, there have been many features that users were longing for, but they were not present in the ancestor Notepad. The all-new changes are likely to get applauded […]

Solved: associate scr files with notepad Autodesk Community

I opened a blank Word page in the Document Recovery Automatic Save area, where I have several documents I am working on. My Word program is Office 2007 and I’m using Windows 10. Navigate back to the Settings menu and select Developer options. It is a useful troubleshooting tool for isolating software conflicts and can […]

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